International Nurses Day is May 12 every year. It is a festival established in 1912 to commemorate the founder of modern nursing science Florence Nightingale. Its basic purpose is to advocate, inherit and carry forward Nightingale’s humanitarian spirit of defying hardships and dangers, being willing to give, saving the dead and helping the wounded, and having the courage to devote oneself.

Origin of the holiday

Between 1854 and 1856, Anglo-French coalition forces fought fierce battles with Tsarist Russia. In the United Kingdom, a nurse director Nightingale led 38 nurses to the front line to take part in the work of caring for the wounded and sick. Due to the chaotic medical management and the poor quality of care at the time, the mortality rate of the wounded and sick was as high as 42%. Under this circumstance, Nightingale is determined to concentrate on improving the sanitary conditions of the ward, and strengthen the care and nutrition of the patients. Half a year later, the death rate of the wounded and sick in the hospital dropped to 2.2%. This story spread throughout Europe. In 1860, she founded the world’s first regular nursing school in London, England. Her monograph on nurse work has become a basic textbook for hospital management and nurse education. In view of the fact that Nightingale has promoted the development of nursing work and nurse education around the world, he is known as the “founder of modern nursing.” After Nightingale’s death in 1910, the International Council of Nurses, to commemorate Nightingale’s contribution to the cause of nursing, designated her birthday May 12 as “International Nurses Day” in 1912, which was originally called ” “Hospital Day”, also known as “Nightingale Day”.

Purpose of establishment

The International Nurses Day aims to encourage nurses to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of nursing care, treat every patient with “love, patience, care, and responsibility” and do a good job of nursing

Holiday event

  • Cap ceremony

On the occasion of International Nurses’ Day on May 12, hospitals, nursing schools, etc. will hold solemn nurses’ capping ceremony. The capping ceremony is an important moment for nurses to become nurses. Before the statue of the founder of Nursing Nightingale, The nurse knelt in front of the nursing senior, and the senior put on the white swallow cap symbolizing the holy angel for the nurse. The nurse took the candle from the senior that symbolized “burn yourself and light up others” and stood in front of the Nightingale statue. oath. “I swear: to save the dying, heal the wounded, prevent and treat diseases, implement socialist humanitarianism, and serve the people wholeheartedly, and fulfill the mission of a nurse; I swear: treat everything I care for with my sincerity, love and responsibility. A patient; I swear: I will keep in mind today’s determination and vows, take the candle in the hands of the predecessors, and devote my life energy to the cause of nursing.”