Film capacitors use metal foil as electrodes, and are divided into Mylar capacitors, PP, and PS capacitors. How to detect the quality of film capacitors?

How to detect the quality of film capacitors?1. First look at the appearance. If there is a problem with the appearance, the film capacitor is likely to have a problem.

2. Use a multimeter to test the resistance of the film capacitor. The two feet of the film capacitor should have a very high resistance value. If there is a capacitance meter, measure whether the capacitance value matches the mark on the case.

3. Normal temperature test performance, including capacity, loss, insulation resistance, withstand voltage, ESR, etc. In particular, what aspects of the performance of the capacitor are required to be tested.

4. Do a simulated life test. There is no problem with the normal temperature and normal test performance, and it depends on whether the life can be sustained.

5. Choose a reputable capacitor manufacturer. The manufacturer of xuansn has 17 years of experience in the capacitor industry and can meet your different capacitor needs.

6. If the requirements for use are not high, you can buy some general-purpose ones from the market and do a copy machine test by yourself. After passing, you can use it with confidence.