It is a universal electrolytic capacitor made of aluminum material. The characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors are as follows:

  • Characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors 1: The electric capacity per unit volume is very large, which is tens to hundreds of times larger than other types of capacitors.
  • Feature two: The rated capacity can be very large, and can easily achieve tens of thousands of μf or even a few f (but can not be compared with the electric double layer capacitance).
  • Feature 3: The price has an overwhelming advantage over other types, because the components of electrolytic capacitors are common industrial materials, such as aluminum. The equipment for manufacturing aluminum electrolytic capacitors are also ordinary industrial equipment, which can be mass-produced and the cost is relatively low

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are made of aluminum cylinders as negative electrodes, which are filled with liquid electrolyte, and a piece of curved aluminum tape is inserted as positive electrodes. The capacitors are called aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It is a general-purpose electrolytic capacitor made of aluminum with good electrical performance, wide application range and high reliability. It is widely used in the matching of household appliances such as air conditioners, tape recorders, washing machines, communication machines and electronic complete machines, instruments and meters.