Application of super capacitor

The pulse power performance of supercapacitors, long application product life, and reliable operation in extreme temperature environments are completely suitable for applications that require repetitive energy pulses in a fraction of a second to a few minutes. It has become the preferred energy storage and power transmission solution for transportation, renewable energy, industrial and consumer electronics, and other applications, such as electric vehicles (EV/HEV), military, light rail, aviation, electric bicycles, backup power supplies, power generation ( Wind power, solar power), communications, consumer and entertainment electronics, signal monitoring and other fields of power applications have broad market prospects.Application of super capacitor

In recent years, due to energy issues and environmental protection requirements, the world’s demand for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles has become more and more urgent. The key part of electric vehicles is the battery, but the peak power characteristics of the battery cannot meet the requirements of the car in starting, accelerating and The demand for power in special situations such as climbing. The application of supercapacitors in parallel with batteries as auxiliary power supplies in electric vehicles can make up for the lack of battery power characteristics. When the car is in a normal driving state, the super capacitor is in a charging state. In the special case of acceleration or load climbing, the super capacitor can achieve high power discharge. When braking suddenly, the super capacitor is charged and absorbed during the braking process. energy of. The use of supercapacitors can meet the high-power discharge requirements of electric vehicles when starting, braking and climbing, and can balance the battery load and prolong the service life of the battery.