Air conditioners are used very frequently in daily life, so what is the function of air conditioner capacitor and how to buy air conditioner capacitors?

The air conditioner capacitors is a device that starts the motor. If the motor does not rotate after power on, it means that the capacitors is broken. Once the capacitors is damaged, the air conditioner will not work properly, so the capacitors is a very important device for the air conditioner. The method to check whether the capacitors is damaged can be measured with the ohm range of the pointer multimeter. If the pointer deflection is relatively large, it means that the capacitor has been damaged and the capacitor needs to be air-conditioned in time.

How to buy air conditioning capacitors

1. First observe whether the capacitor is deformed or cracked. Is it the same model as before to avoid damage to the air conditioner.

2. Look at the capacity of the capacitor when purchasing. Generally, the capacity of the capacitor will decrease to 20% as the use time is longer or the environment changes, and the air conditioner will be difficult to start. Therefore, we should choose a larger capacitor within the range that the air conditioner can withstand, so as to ensure that the air conditioner can be used for a longer time.

3. When purchasing air-conditioning capacitors, XUANSN brand capacitors are preferred. The quality and after-sales are guaranteed, and the use of air-conditioning is better.

4. When purchasing air-conditioning capacitors, check whether the capacitor packaging is damaged and squeezed, so as not to buy damaged products.