Russia will lift restrictions on domestic travel from June 1

On the 25th local time, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernishenko held a special meeting on the restoration of domestic tourism. Chernyshenko said at the meeting that tourism in Russia has suffered a loss of 150 million rubles due to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. At present, there are 23 federal entities in Russia that meet the first phase of the Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Bureau. Conditions for lifting restrictive measures. As part of the national economic recovery plan, Russia has already formulated a plan to respond to the threat of the epidemic for the restart and development of domestic tourism. The top priority is to start domestic tourism in a safe and controllable manner in the first half of the year. The government will systematically and carefully lift restrictive measures on domestic tourism from June 1. From July 1st, nursing homes with medical licenses will begin operations, and localities need to be prepared to receive tourists, and infrastructure construction will begin in the near future.

Cernishenko also emphasized at the meeting that the gradual restoration of tourism needs to formulate and comply with the relevant provisions to suppress the spread of the epidemic. At present, the government is conducting discussions on the further restoration of domestic tourism including the opening of hotels, beaches, resorts and other vacation places. The Russian Federal Consumer Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Bureau and the Russian Tourism Bureau will announce relevant recommendations before June 1. Chernyshenko also emphasized that the current risk of the second round of the epidemic is still very high and does not yet have the conditions to resume outbound travel.

Doguzova, the director of the Russian Tourism Administration, pointed out that Russia does not yet have the conditions to resume international travel immediately, and the safety of Russian citizens’ domestic travel should be guaranteed first.

On the same day, Russian Prime Minister Mishustin called on Russian citizens not to rush to travel abroad during the upcoming traditional vacation season in order to avoid the risk of epidemic input. Safer domestic vacations are also a better choice.