DC Link Capacitor 406J 1100VDC MKP Polypropylene Film

  • High capacitance density
  • Extended service life
  • Low loss
  • High reliability
  • High ripple current


The DC Link Capacitor 406J 1100VDC is a specialized capacitor designed for DC link applications. With a capacitance value of 406 microfarads (J) and a voltage rating of 1100 volts (VDC), this capacitor is specifically engineered to handle high voltage levels in DC power systems.The Square-Shaped DC Link Capacitor with Four Pins is a specialized capacitor designed for DC link applications, featuring a square shape and four pins for easy installation and connection. This capacitor provides reliable energy storage, voltage stabilization, and efficient power transfer in DC power systems.

DC Link Capacitor 406J 1100VDC Structure:

The capacitor features a robust and durable construction to withstand the demands of DC link applications. It utilizes high-quality materials and advanced design techniques to ensure reliable operation and long-term performance. The internal structure is designed to minimize losses and provide stable capacitance over a wide temperature range.

DC Link Capacitor 406J 1100VDC Advantages:

  1. High Voltage Rating: The capacitor has a voltage rating of 1100VDC, allowing it to handle high voltage levels commonly encountered in DC link applications, ensuring safe and efficient operation.
  2. Reliable Performance: Designed with durability in mind, this capacitor offers excellent reliability and long-term performance, making it suitable for demanding industrial applications.
  3. Stable Capacitance: The capacitor maintains a stable capacitance value over a wide temperature range, ensuring consistent performance even in varying operating conditions.

Key Features:

  1. High Capacitance Density: This capacitor offers a high capacitance density, allowing for significant energy storage in a compact form factor. It provides ample capacitance within a limited physical space.
  2. Extended Service Life: Designed for longevity, this capacitor exhibits extended service life, ensuring reliable performance and reduced maintenance requirements. It is built to withstand demanding operational conditions.
  3. Low Loss: The capacitor features low loss characteristics, minimizing energy dissipation and improving overall system efficiency. It helps to minimize power losses and optimize the performance of DC link circuits.
  4. High Reliability: With a focus on reliability, this capacitor is built using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent and dependable operation in demanding applications.
  5. High Ripple Current Capability: The capacitor is designed to handle high ripple currents commonly encountered in DC link circuits. It exhibits excellent ripple current capability, ensuring stable operation and minimizing voltage fluctuations.


The DC Link Capacitor 406J 1100VDC finds applications in various DC link circuits that require reliable energy storage, voltage stabilization, and efficient power transfer. Some common applications include:

  1. Power Electronics: This capacitor is well-suited for use in power electronics applications such as inverters, converters, and rectifiers. It helps to smooth out voltage ripples, stabilize the DC power supply, and ensure efficient power transfer.
  2. Renewable Energy Systems: In renewable energy systems like solar inverters and wind turbines, this capacitor assists in energy storage and voltage regulation, contributing to the overall efficiency and stability of the power generation process.
  3. Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure: DC link capacitors play a crucial role in EV charging systems by providing energy storage, voltage stabilization, and minimizing power fluctuations during the charging process. They ensure safe and efficient charging for electric vehicles.
  4. Industrial Automation: In industrial automation applications, this capacitor supports power supply stability, ensuring reliable operation of motor drives, control systems, and other equipment where smooth power delivery is essential.

In summary, the DC Link Capacitor 406J 1100VDC offers high capacitance density, extended service life, low loss, high reliability, and high ripple current capability. It is specifically designed for DC link applications, providing efficient energy storage, voltage stabilization, and reliable power transfer. Whether used in power electronics, renewable energy systems, EV charging infrastructure, or industrial automation, this capacitor contributes to the efficient and dependable operation of various DC-powered systems.